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Understanding liability basics: A handbook of negligence claims, defenses, and burdens of proof.

As though navigating the healing and treatment process post-injury is not sufficiently overwhelming, understanding the legal realities affecting your right to recovery can seem impossible.  A skilled attorney can apply the law to the facts of your particular case.  However, even a basic understanding of negligence law can allow you to feel less “in the […]

Understanding the Attorney-Client Privilege

According to the conventional wisdom, any statement made to an attorney is protected from all forms of disclosure.  However, this is not the case.  The so-called attorney-client privilege applies in a fairly narrow set of circumstances.  Knowing what the attorney-client privilege does and does not encompass is critical to success in litigation, as the decision […]

Community Spotlight: Note in the Pocket

As lawyers, our natural instinct is to solve problems.  Resolve disputes.  Find what is broken in the law and society and drive positive change.  We identify needs, and we address them.  In a powerful way, the driving forces behind the Raleigh nonprofit Note in the Pocket are doing all of this and more.  The need […]


Case Update on Non-Compete Agreements and the Blue Pencil Rule

Restrictive covenants are a set of tools that employers sometimes utilize to prevent employees from competing with them after termination of their employment.   One of the most common restrictive covenants used by an employer is a “non-compete clause.”   An evaluation of the enforceability of a non-complete clause necessarily involves a balancing of interests.   On the […]

Miller Monroe teams up with Grow Our Kids

November is a time for us to reflect upon our blessings and give thanks for a bountiful year.  Most of us will come together with friends and family, and indulge in an abundance of food.  We enjoy all that our hearts and stomachs desire. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for thousands of children here […]

Alexandra E. Davis Joins Miller & Monroe

For Release 9 a.m. EST July 26, 2016 Alexandra E. Davis Joins Miller & Monroe RALEIGH — July 26, 2016 — Miller & Monroe is pleased to announce that Alexandra Davis joined the firm’s litigation practice in April 2016. A 2015 graduate of Campbell Law School, Alexandra commenced her legal career as a volunteer law […]

True Meaning of Memorial Day

As we prepare to enjoy Memorial Day weekend, Miller & Monroe would like to remind everyone to take time to remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Without their brave sacrifices, we would not have the freedom to enjoy this holiday with our family and friends.  Travel […]

One of my suppliers in another state is suing me in his home state. Do I really have to go all the way across the country to defend myself?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably yes. The standard for determining whether another state’s court system can have jurisdiction over you is whether you have minimum contact with the state in which you’re being sued (the forum state). If the court determines your contact with the forum state is so minimal that it would be unfair […]