A Firm Rooted in Raleigh

At Miller Monroe & Plyler, we are fortunate to be conveniently located in the heart of one of the most rapidly growing and dynamic cities in the Southeast.  Located just west of downtown, we have witnessed exciting developments, from watching the Hillsbourgh Street Target supplant the legendary “Alley,” to tracking long-term plans to install a light-rail in the City, to marveling at the construction of one of the nation’s largest cathedrals off Western Boulevard and the plans to transform Dix Hill into a family-friendly park.  While we represent clients from the Piedmont to the coast, our roots run deep in this thriving city that we are proud to call home.

We love following local bloggers who regularly post statistics about growth trends and new developments in Raleigh.  One such post can be found here.  Happy Friday, and enjoy some of these exciting events downtown this weekend.

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