Why it makes business sense to hire a small firm.

Many corporate clients have large firms on retainer ready to handle their day-to-day corporate and litigation needs.  Large firms typically offer a gray-haired partner to manage the client, while using young associates to perform the majority of the work.  This can create a false sense of security for the client that their conversations are with an attorney who knows the law and can talk the talk. However, the person actually handling the case might not have ever seen the inside of a courtroom. From a cost perspective, the junior associate’s billable rate is comparable to what you would pay the owner of a small firm while a big firm’s partner rate is substantially higher.

With a small firm, you get the best of both worlds. For the cost of a junior associate at a large firm, you get a lawyer who will not only manage the client relationship, but who will also perform the legal work.  Despite what big firms would love to have you believe, it is rare that a litigation matter involves the degree of specialization offered by large firms.  If you have a relationship with a small firm that you trust, your lawyer will advise you when the specialization (and expense) of a large firm is needed.

At Miller & Monroe, we have been in your shoes. We have experience managing multimillion dollar budgets and dozens of staff.  We understand the budgetary pressures of the business world and knows that if a dispute is being litigated, it must be critical to the corporation and deserves our full attention.  You are not a number at Miller & Monroe. We view each corporate client as a partner and will treat your business as if it is our own.  We might not have the marble and mahogany, but Miller & Monroe has the knowledge and expertise to be your corporate litigator.

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