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Two Statutory Construction Principles at Issue in N.C. Court of Appeals’ Decision

In City of Asheville v. Frost, (COA16-577, filed May 2, 2017), the North Carolina Court of Appeals wrestles with an ambiguous law passed by the General Assembly.  On its face, the law grants only one party (“the petitioner”) the right to demand a jury trial, while denying the opposing party (“the respondent”) that right.  The […]

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The Impact of Drunk Driving in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

DWI Cases – Unique Cases  Personal injury and wrongful death cases that involve drunk driving (driving while impaired) are a unique subcategory of personal injury/wrongful death cases.  Drunk drivers do not enjoy certain protections under the civil laws that law-abiding citizens enjoy.  For example, in the typical tort case, the victim may only recover compensatory […]